2020 Chibi Taiko Performances

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September 20th, 2020: Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre’s 20th anniversary reception

Chibi Taiko performed two short pieces during NNMCC’s 20th anniversary reception audio stories for free.

September 5th, 2020: Summer at Nikkei Garden

Following the COVID-19 Safety Plan, Chibi Taiko performed outside wearing masks and keeping the safe distance from the audience activex.

Photos by Manto Artworks

August 22nd, 2020: Summer at Nikkei Garden

Photos by Manto Artworks

Photos by Dan Garcia at TanuNeko

July 25th, 2020: Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows Country Fest


Chibi Taiko was the first entertainer on their “online” Country Fest multicultural stage jewels legend kostenlos downloaden. Above is the event’s archived streaming link. (Chibi Taiko appearance; 10’30”-54’30”)

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