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Summer 2012

  • 20th January 2013

On June 23, 2012, Chibi Taiko played at a multicultural event presented by the Vancouver Cantonese Opera society at the CBC Outdoor Plaza.

On July 7, Chibi Taiko played for the National Nikkei Heritage Centre to celebrate Tanabata. The junior members did a great job focusing given that audience members were only steps away from the performers.

Jordy, Kayo, Becky and Shinobu attended the Regional Taiko Gathering in August hosted by Portland Taiko. They received a rousing reception during an informal performance when they presented Donburi and their Okedo piece.

The seniors and intermediates played for a picnic for Tonari Gumi on the grass at Spanish Banks. Shakuhachi master, Takeo Yamashiro, commented that the group was “very tight,” in other words, they sounded good and were really together despite the absence of Shinobu.

Again in August, Chibi played for the Taiwan Festival with giant video screens in the background projecting images of the players. Looked and sounded really cool.

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Spring 2012

  • 20th January 2013

In May, Chibi Taiko played continuously for about four hours at Lumberman’s Arch for the Vancouver International Marathon. They won second prize in the Music Challenge. Runners pumped their fists in the air when they passed by and some stopped to take photos with Chibi members.

Chibi plays at the Vancouver Marathon 2012

In the early spring 2012, Chibi juniors participated in a special workshop with Art Lee from Tokara Taiko based in Nagano Japan.  The juniors enjoyed the challenge of learning a new style and piece.

Art Lee workshop 2012

chibi juniors participate in a 2012 workshop with Art Lee

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  • 16th March 2011

Chibi Taiko is pleased to be involved in the upcoming taikotroniks show at the Vancouver Playhouse on May 3rd. The show is produced by the Vancouver New Music Society. Visit their website at newmusic.org/events/taikotroniks to learn more and to purchase tickets.

Taikotroniks brings together seven prominent Vancouver-based taiko groups, with the newly formed Vancouver Electronics Ensemble for this unique event! Taikotroniks celebrates both Vancouver’s historically significant taiko community, as well as a slice of its newer, collaborative electronic community. Featuring special performances by each of the groups, as well as a breakaway taiko and electronic improvisation piece, Taikotroniks showcases the rich variety of taiko styles and approaches that have grown up with Vancouver, and experiments with exciting new musical directions!

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Sun & Rain

  • 4th October 2010

The Gibson’s New Moon Festival was bright and sunny, the Port Moody Art 4 U Day was very wet! Both were a lot of fun. Below are some photos from Gibsons taken by Scott Bleackley. More of his photography can be seen here. Thanks to Joyce Chong and everyone else for inviting us to the Sunshine Coast. Shinobu and John were invited to solo on Matsuri with Joyce’s taiko group–it felt like old home week! To read more about the New Moon Festival, visit their site here.

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Chibi Taiko to Play Sunshine Coast and Port Moody

  • 22nd September 2010

It’s a busy weekend coming up for Chibi Taiko as we play the New Moon Festival in Gibsons on Saturday September 25 and Port Moody Arts Centre Art 4 U Day (part of the Port Moody Arts Festival) the next day on Sunday, September 26.

For information on the New Moon Festival, click HERE. For information on Art 4 U Day, click HERE.

Then, on October 2, we will do a short set at the Open House at the National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre. Check the Centre website for details.

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Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre Receives National Historic Site Status

  • 22nd September 2010

On July 31, the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver, BC, was officially given National Historic Site status, a process that was several years in the making.

A public ceremony, hosted by the Kyowakai Society and partly funded by Columbia Basin Trust through the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, was held outside the Centre and was attended by representatives from Parks Canada and the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada along with the Kyowakai Society, representatives from various levels of government and community organizations, and members of the public.
Two plaques were unveiled, one acknowledging the work of the Kyowakai Society, and the other designating the Centre as a National Historic Site.
“The dreams and accomplishments of the Kyowakai Society in creating this lasting memorial and interpretational centre in honour of Japanese Canadians interned during the Second World War is a huge feat accomplished by dedicated volunteers,” said Carol Gordon, Administrator, Village of New Denver, who helped organize the event. “The centre forms an integral part of the social and cultural history of the area, and its designation as a National Historic Site speaks to the selfless hours contributed by the organization to ensure that this part of our history will always be remembered.”

Following the ceremony a number of performers entertained the crowd including Takeo Tamashiro, Tsuneko Kokubo and Mariko Kage. Later in the evening, Vancouver-based Chibi Taiko, Canada’s first youth taiko ensemble, gave a public performance.

During World War II, the Government of Canada ordered the internment of “enemy aliens,” and Canadians of Japanese descent were moved to camps for the duration of the war. One such camp was located in New Denver, and housed roughly 1,500 people. While other camps were demolished after the war, some of the buildings in New Denver still exist or have been reconstructed, making it one of the few sites that still contain resources directly associated with this episode in Canadian history.

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Chibi Taiko to play in New Denver

  • 26th July 2010

On Saturday July 31, Chibi Taiko will perform at a ceremony in New Denver, BC to help mark the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre’s official designation as National Historic Site.

From an article in The Bulletin:
On Saturday, July 31, 2010, a ceremony will be held at the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver to mark its official designation as a National Historic Site. The event, which is open to the public, will run over the weekend and includes commemorative events, entertainment, workshops, and the annual Obon Ceremony.


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  • 26th July 2010

On Saturday July 24, Chibi Taiko kicked off the festivities at the grand opening on the newly-refurbished Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The park, former home to the legendary Asahi baseball team, sits on Powell Street, the prewar home of Vancouver’s Japanese Canadian community. Making the occasion particularly special to our group was the fact that we were unveiling our new set of beautiful taiko, made for us by Kato Taiko in California. Incredibly, not only was it the first time we played out new drums in public, it was the first time we played them at all . . .  Happily, they look and sound awesome!

If you look at the photo below this post, and compare the drums, our new drums look remarkably similar to Betcha Taiko’s gorgeous drums.

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Bulletin Article

  • 9th November 2009


by John Endo Greenaway

There was a moment towards the end of the July 25 performance by Chibi Taiko and Onomichi’s Betcha Taiko that will be forever etched in my memory. The two groups were playing a piece together called Ishizue, an original Betcha composition that Chibi members had learned over the course of the past week. Night was falling as the nearly three dozen drummers filled the small public square in Onomichi’s shotengai (shopping district) with a thick wall of sound. The young Chibi drummers were playing with a ferocity and sense of purpose I had never witnessed before. As the piece drew to a conclusion, the drummers swooped low to the ground, their faces glistening with a combination of sweat and exhilaration. I was surprised at the emotion that welled up in me. A lump came to my throat as I watched the members of Chibi Taiko, including my two daughters, give everything they had to a common purpose in the true spirit of taiko. At that one moment, the members of the two groups—who shared a common heritage but little else—emphatically bridged the cultural divide.


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