Chibi Taiko Japan Tour 2018

  • 23rd February 2019

July 11-16 in Onomichi


More pictures and videos to come…


Chupi Com Onomichi July 27, 2018 (in Japanese)


Onomichi Ruri Lions Club Newsletter July 16, 2018 (in Japanese)


Myokoji Newsletter August 2018 (in Japanese)



July 16-21 in Nagasaki


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slideshow of the visit


Nagasaki Shinbun article about Chibi Taiko’s visit to “Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum” (in Japanese)





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Chibi Taiko’s Video! (2013)

  • 4th October 2013


Chibi Taiko featuring Emiko Newman, Kaya Newman, Jordy Riley, Shinobu Homma, and Becky Jang. Composed by Tyrone Nakawatase of Inochi Taiko and arranged by Chibi Taiko. Shot by @MarkDarlingDOP with @ItsAdamCanuck. Sound by Billy d.

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